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Broken Stuff Updated 30th Nov

  1. Top Menu Highlight bar should stay white when page is
    highlighted. {Pending}
  2. Side Menu Sub menu highlighted item needs to stay red 
    with arrow {it stays red akawk} Please have another look at
    this its not functioning correctly in IE and the ARROWs have
    disappeared. Thanks

  3. How To guide box has  disappeared {We where
    testing, wehave re-published it}

  4. Login box is not in correct position needs to be as per layout
    {Done} Login Box still doesnt look right The button is not
    in alignment with the fields. and I think should be closer to the
    right edge of the container it is in

  5. The directory is not as per the design provided.{We don’t have
    the directory design yet}
  6. Cant delete empty categories, Marketing, Tax, Joomla thinks
    they still have articles in them but they dont

    7. The menu items on the left are out of order now. I know that you
    are working through them, but we now have startup/technology/woman
    in business/sales & marketing/finance and cashflow in the wrong
    order below all the other menu items and we have two finance and
    cashflow menu items.


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