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Some of the world’s top cycle messengers will converge on
Sydney this month to compete in the 14th Annual Cycle Messenger
World Championships.

“It’s a big event for us but we want to show the rest
of the world no one can deliver like Sydney,” says Simon
McKenzie from the Sydney Bicycle Messenger Association.
“We’d also like to show the rest of the community that
cycle couriers are an essential and unique part of business, even
though they are invisible to many city workers.”

The championships will officially open on October 20 with events
running for four days, including a 200-metre sprint, and
competitions for skills such as ‘bunny hops’,
‘skids’ and ‘wheelies’. The main race will
take place at Sydney Olympic Park on Saturday October 21.

“The championship highlights both the work and fun side of
the business,” says McKenzie. “The work of a courier
takes a lot of skill, fitness, knowledge and dedication to ride the
length and breadth of this city on tight deadlines in rain, hail
and shine.” For full information about the event visit

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