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Pretzel World on a path to franchise world domination (in Australia)

Pretzel World is on a path to franchise world domination (in Australia) with the company looking to expand its footprint across the country following a rise in enquiries and a tripling in sales in some stores.

Pretzel World, owned by Melbourne-based Franchised Food Company (FFCo), has 12 stores in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

FFCo executive chairman Stan Gordon said pretzels were developing a loyal following in the Australian snack food market and there was room for the brand to grow.

“We’ve been experiencing strong inquiry from potential franchisees across the country, and in some cases, weekly store sales have more than tripled from $7000 to $25,000 over the past year,” Mr Gordon said.

“While initially it has taken some time for the Australian consumer to understand and accept a soft hand-rolled pretzel, they are developing a loyal following in the retail snack food market. Pretzel World has room to grow across every state and we are keen to recruit more franchisees to the brand.”

Pretzel World launched in Australia in October 2000 and was purchased by FFCo in 2005.

The chain offers 97 per cent fat free, soft hand-rolled pretzels that are baked in store and served hot. Customers can watch them being rolled, stretched and tossed high into the air to get their unique pretzel shape.

Pretzel World has an extensive range of sweet and savoury toppings including jalapeno, parmesan cheese, Moscow glaze, chocolate and cinnamon.

“Pretzel World offers a fun, fresh, healthy and delicious snack food alternative that’s 100 per cent natural, 97 per cent fat free and baked, not fried,” Mr Gordon said.

“Pretzels are a much healthier alternative to cookies or doughnuts and allow consumers to indulge without guilt.

“As more consumers realise that fast food doesn’t have to be fat food, we believe Pretzel World offers strong franchise opportunities.”

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