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Mobile coffee companies capitalise on time-poor employees

With the local coffee market recently valued at over $3 billion a year, the morning blend has become an ingrained ritual for workers across Australia.

Mobile CoffeeThe industry has grown by 65 per cent in the last ten years, with Australians consuming more than a billion cups of coffee in cafes and restaurants each year.

However, for many increasingly time-poor workers the daily pilgrimage to the local cafe has become impossible, facilitating the simultaneous growth of a new mobile coffee industry.

Franchises such as Cafe2U have experienced unprecedented success in the past few years, cruising through the global financial crisis as workers proved reluctant to give up their morning cup of coffee despite mounting pressures and time constraints.

Managing director Derek Black believes that coffee has become an important part of day-to-day life for Australians, and that this love affair has followed through to the office environment.

“Work culture has changed and the average office worker isn’t looking for an excuse to duck down the road to a cafe – they are happy for their morning fix to come to them.”

“10 years ago customers were much less discerning and much less knowledgeable. They now know what   a ‘good’ cup of coffee constitutes and are much less forgiving of a bad cup. They ask about where the actual coffee comes from and favour one roaster over another.”

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