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Young entrepreneur, older employees: How to cope

Being a young business owner with much older employees to supervise can be awkward. Or not. It depends on how you handle the situation.

As more and more young folks develop start-up dreams and start their own businesses, the inevitable result will be more and more young bosses, many of whom are supervising folks much older and more experienced then themselves. That could be awkward. Or not. But it depends on you.

So how can baby-faced business owners get the best out of their older employees without raising their hackles? It’s a delicate problem, but at least there’s a lot of great advice out there for those struggling with the issue. The latest addition in this growing genre is a post by Under30CEO outlining 10 ways to manage those older than you. Some tips, like show appreciation and forget about popularity in favor of focusing on what’s best for the company, apply to all generations really, but others are more useful for this specific challenge. For example:

Consider a Double Mentorship. Depending on age, some of your employees may benefit from being taught about new technology or trends. You also may be able to learn from the experience of one of your seasoned employees in one way or another. Exchanging mentorship may be a great way to connect with employees and share skills.

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