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Wilkinson Group kick starts SMBs

The Wilkinson Group has launched a new service to help SMBs improve their finances, with a recent survey finding that businesses are still recovering from the GFC.

Wilkinson GroupThe Wilkinson Group, an Australian marketing communications consultancy, has created a new service to counsel SMBs how to improve their communication and marketing. The service, named Kick-Start, was created in response to a recent Commonwealth Bank survey which found that at least one in two Australian SMBs are still feeling the effects of the GFC despite a recent lift in the local employment sector.

SMBs are looking for a way forward and need to concentrate on meet their marketing and communications needs, according to Wilkinson Group CEO Simon Murphy.

“Whilst overall business confidence in Australia is still edgy, for business owners with enough pluck and vision this climate also presents fresh opportunity,” said Murphy. “Kick Start allows businesses to demystify and harness ‘big company’ marketing techniques without being locked into big agency contracts,” says Mr Murphy.

“Our consultants come from some of Australia’s largest marketing and advertising agencies as well as government and the media and understand the unique requirements of the SMB market,” adds Mr Murphy.

Services available as part of Kick Start include stakeholder audits, competitor analysis, business plan strategy development, government lobbying, collateral development, copy writing, digital and media engagement.