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Wikifloods links Queensland flood victims to donations

Wikifloods, an online community registry to support the donations of goods and services for people affected by the Queensland floods has been launched by Fitzroy Oxfam Group.

Wikifloods is based on the same online system used to successfully assist hundreds of families in the aftermath of Victoria’s Bushfires in 2008.

Wikifloods’ acts as an online noticeboard for flood sufferers seeking goods and services, and people and businesses who can provide them.

Wikifloods links Queensland flood victims to donationsThe site has been established by Fitzroy Oxfam Group, a volunteer group that has raised funds for Oxfam Australia for over two decades.

Chair of Fitzroy Oxfam Group, Brian Moran OAM  believes the online registry will be of significant assistance to those affected by the flood disaster, particularly as organising the exchange of donations can be a logistic strain.

“There’s an outpouring of support from Australians wishing to help but often the emergency organisations don’t have sufficient resources to cope with either the communications or the organisation and logistics of accepting them.”

“This site will help connect the flood suffers who have lost their homes and are in need of basic essentials such as accommodation, food and clothing, with the many Australians who want to do everything they can to help,” said Moran.

The online registry allows Australian businesses who wish to donate goods and services to directly negotiate the delivery with the recipient.  The self-managing nature of the registry also helps save valuable resources for organisations involved with disaster recovery.

“During the 2008 Victorian Bushfire emergency, the online registry proved to be invaluable in streamlining the exchange of donated goods and services and we hope the families affected by the Queensland floods get a similar result from it,” said Moran.

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