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Why you might need to rethink your internet security – now

These four steps can help you move beyond firewalls and antivirus systems.

When you’re starting a company, putting all the technologies in place can be challenging. In addition to servers, laptops and websites, you also need security tools to make sure the wrong people don’t gain access to your information.

Entrepreneurs often invest heavily in antivirus software, firewalls and security appliances designed to protect internal systems. But this limited approach ignores how machines and people communicate to one another outside your walls. From sales and inventory to payroll processing, systems continuously talk to each other across the web. Here are four steps that can help you strengthen technology security beyond your internal systems:

1. Be aware of how your company communicates online:

The simple days of using the website as a brochure are over. Nearly all business websites pull information from internal resources, including databases, payment portals and inventory management, directly to a browser, mobile phone or other connected device, traversing a dozen potentially untrusted external networks in the process.

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