Which 1 will you choose?

number one

The number 1 can be so powerful; it’s really just a matter of how you look at. While small, it can make a fundamental difference in your business growth each and every day.

You can use the power of 1 to:

  • Focus for 1 hour every day on that revenue generating product.
  • Launch 1 product or service
  • Implement 1 marketing campaign
  • Add 1 marketing tool to your evergreen marketing
  • Add 1 media pitch to your PR tasks this week
  • Add 1 hour of follow up with clients, prospects, suppliers etc every day
  • Send 1 newsletter each week to increase your visibility
  • Hire that 1 person to assist you focus your time on your business
  • If in retail, add $1 to your prices. If you sell 50 products a day, that’s $50 extra each DAY with little effort
  • In a service related business? Add just 1 extra item of value to your clients each month.  After 1 year you’ve improved your value and ensured clients will continue
  • Arrange a time to meet 1 influencer in your industry. Connections are super important for growth
  • Implement 1 system to fuel growth. A customer relationship management system is imperative
  • Make 1 approach to someone you really want to speak to. More than likely they’ll say yes
  • Pick 1 line on your Profit and Loss to focus on each week. Understand it and then improve it
  • Call 1 client each day just to find out how they are
  • Add 1 new client each week – that’s 52 for the year
  • Remove 1 barrier for clients and prospects to communicate with you
  • Say yes to 1 person who looks up to you as a mentor. Help them; it’s good practice
  • Have no goals? Create 1 new goal today and focus, focus, focus!
  • Review 1 goal each day. Are you on track? What can you do to improve?
  • Take 1 opportunity presented to you and run with it, regardless of how scary
  • Focus on 1 of your unique business traits and make sure it features in all marketing materials and written and verbal communications
  • Teach your team 1 new thing each and every day. After 1 year they are 365 times improved
  • Develop a system for 1 task that you do that you really shouldn’t, and delegate it
  • Delegate 1 item of your task list every day
  • Delete 1 item off your task list every day

The list here is endless, but the point is that 1, although a very small number, can be super powerful. If you take on board just 1 of the suggestions above, you’re 1 step closer to business growth.

Add some of your ideas below!


  1. Great post Alycia and yes, you’re so right. Each of these items seem miniscule but add them altogether and they have an impact over-time. Thanks for the inspiration to get cracking on the power of “1s”.

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