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What’s the deal with the Aussie B2B group buying space?

As the daily deals industry in Australia continues to grow and the consumer space shows signs of overcrowding, it’s little surprise new entrants have begun catering towards a more business orientated audience.

Even though it’s still early days, we’re starting to see an emergence of new sites both here and aboard applying the daily deals model into the B2B market. Australia seems to be leading this mini-boom with 7 deal sites currently operating and another four on our radar to launch soon.

Without having to directly compete against the likes of Groupon, Spreets, LivingSocial and the other hundred plus consumer deal sites in Australia, the business-to-business segment seems to be positioned well with new opportunities.

A majority of these sites offer business products and services at 50 percent to 90 percent off the normal price. Business owners can find deals on printing, office supplies, website design, networking events and marketing material – the list goes on and on. There have even been deals to advertise in national business publications and international sporting events, showing the variety in both product offering and price point that these sites can deliver.

With business lending low and some SMEs feeling the pinch, this could not have come at a better time. Australian business owners are fortunate to have a plethora of sites now focused on delivering them unbelievable savings through daily deals and group buying.

As the year pans out and the niche begins to grow, leading players will become more evident and new sites will enter the space. I’m sure we’ll even see the odd corporate partnership or two (rumour has it). I’m interested to see if these sites can emulate the same catapulting success and acceptance in their respective markets as their B2C counterparts. I guess only time will tell, however one thing is for certain. The true winners of this emerging niche will be the savvy business owners who take advantage of these deals to reduce overheads and significantly save.

Here are some of the top Australian Daily Deal sites for business owners:

– Paul Serra is the CEO & Co- Founder of Sweet Business Deals – Australia’s first daily deals tracker for business owners.

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