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What does Windows 8 mean for your business?

With the launch of Windows 8, new capabilities for running your business will be available. So what features are you most looking forward to?

Windows 8, the much-anticipated new Windows operating system was launched last week in Australia and around the world to much fanfare.

The new system brings a raft of new abilities to home and office PCs, and will be available on over 200 devices for Australian customers, including the new device, Surface.

Windows 8 includes a range of new applications designed to personalise your PC experience. The start screen now demonstrates a range of applications that can be added according to the users desire. If you want access to your social media accounts immediately, those tiles can be added. If you want access to certain programs or websites, they can also be added to the fully customisable start screen.

The Charms bar on the right hand side of the screen allows touch screen users to quickly swipe into the search bar, or to return to the start screen.

Multiple apps can be opened simultaneously and managed across the same screen, so you can launch your music while working on a document.

While much of the interactivity seems to be best used on a touch screen device, apps can also be accessed via mouse and keyboard.

“With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft is unveiling a reimagined Windows to the world,” said Pip Marlow, managing director, Microsoft Australia. “Whether you want a tablet or a PC, whether you want to consume or create, whether you want to work or play – Windows 8 delivers a personalised experience that fits your unique style and needs.”

The Sydney launch of Windows 8 was attended by tens of tech journalists, who were treated to the chance to use the new operating system on some of the new devices. The Windows 8 ambassadors, including sailor Jessica Watson, creative director of Sweet Art Anthea Leonard, Manik Mercian jewellery designer Jenny Manik Mercian were also present at the launch, demonstrating how they use the news system in their businesses.

Do you think you’ll be investing in Windows 8 for your business?

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Rhiannon Sawyer

Rhiannon Sawyer

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