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Western Power plans failure

Western Power’s operational plan for 2009-2010 will only be finalised in 2010-2011, giving rise to fears of blackouts in Western Australia.

Electricity - Western PowerShadow Minister for Energy Kate Doust said the Statement of Corporate Intent for Western Power is being deliberately withheld from the public by Energy Minister Peter Collier.

“This document will not be available in the year that it is relevant for,” Ms Doust said.

“It is already late and more than eighteen months have passed since the last Statement of Corporate Intent was made available.”

Ms Doust said that Minister Collier provided answers to Parliament that confirmed the Statement of Corporate Intent for Western Power was still being negotiated.

“The board of Western Power does not agree with Minister Collier regarding the content of this report,” Ms Doust said.

Ms Doust said there were questions regarding the adequacy of funding for Western Power and the risks to their network.

“The problems at Western Power need to be dealt with, not hidden,” Ms Doust said.