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WA in uproar over approval for GM canola crops

Western Australia has become a GM crop state with approval by the State Government to allow the introduction of GM canola to farms across the state.

In parliament, the Liberal Government of Western Australia used its numbers to defeat the Labor’s disallowance motion opposing permitting GM canola to be grown in the stat, despite earlier dissent over the issue from party members Peter Abetz and Frank Alban.

“Right across Western Australia, people from all walks of life have protested against the introduction of GM canola crops,” Said Shadow Agriculture Minister Mick Murray. “Farmers, consumers, doctors, chefs and mothers‟ GM Canola

Mr Murray said the decision to allow GM canola crops to be grown in WA would ultimately result in bitter legal battles which would divide rural communities across the State.

“GM canola seeds are the size of poppy seeds. They are light, small and easily spread simply by a gentle breeze and there is no doubt contamination of crops will occur,” he said.

Mr Murray said organic farmers in Western Australia feared they would no longer be able to market their crops as GM crop free.

“The Barnett Government should be supporting farmers to produce unique products that distinguish our growers from the rest of the world,” he said.
“Organic farmers are now threatened by GM seeds contaminating their crops and being unable to label their products organic or GM crop free.”

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