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Weed out the wrong hires fast: 7 interview questions

It’s tough to find the right employees. It all starts with asking the right interview questions. 

If you want to fit the right candidates into your open positions, you need to take charge of the interview process.

It’s imperative to come up with interview questions that dig deep into a potential hire’s passion, drive, commitment, and problem-solving skills. Focusing just on job responsibilities and skills isn’t the right approach – you need to find out if the candidate is a strong fit as a person first.

An employee without drive and commitment to your company will just wind up unmotivated and unproductive. That’s not fair to you or him. Here are the seven character questions you must ask:

1. What did you initially find interesting about this job?

This question will help you determine if the candidate really cares about your company and understands the job.

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