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Want a great business? Build a great team

Among entrepreneurs, I find consensus on just this one fundamental ingredient for a successful venture.

Over and over again, no matter how many times I talk with entrepreneurs about the reason for their success, overwhelmingly I hear the same thing: The No. 1 reason for a successful business, according to them, is not the product, not the timing of opening the business, or the marketing. Again and again, they always say the key to their success is the people they hire.

Successful Entrepreneurs Hire Great People – and Let Them Do Their Thing

Every time I hear entrepreneurs talk, whether it’s Richard Branson or Brandon Cruz, president of health insurance leader GoHealth, their belief is that success is driven by hiring the best people, and giving them room to run.

It sounds simple, but it just happens to be true. If you hire “B” or “C” players, it’s a lot harder to be successful.

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