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Helsinki in May 2024. Photo: Maija Astikainen, Helsinki Partners

Venture Nordics: Expand your portfolio in Europe’s hottest region

Are you a scale-up founder or investor seeking unparalleled growth opportunities in a vibrant ecosystem? 

Look no further than Helsinki, Finland! Helsinki Partners proudly presents its flagship programs, Founders to Finland and Venture Nordics, designed to unlock the immense potential of the Nordic region for international entrepreneurs and investors.

These programs invite participants to dive deep into one of the world’s most dynamic startup ecosystems and experience the allure of this Nordic gem. As a highlight, attendees will receive complimentary tickets to Slush 2024, the globe’s largest congregation of startups and venture capitalists.

The New Nordic countries—Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Iceland—have emerged as unparalleled innovation hubs, earning acclaim as prolific “unicorn factories,” second only to Silicon Valley.

At the heart of this region lies Helsinki, the epicenter of innovation in the New Nordics. The city is renowned for its extraordinary support for innovation, dedication to a green transition, and an exceptional quality of life, drawing top talent and significant investment. Helsinki is rapidly becoming a prime destination for scale-up founders and venture capitalists, offering unmatched opportunities for growth, innovation, and investment. Notably, Helsinki is also the capital of Finland, celebrated as the world’s happiest country for the seventh consecutive year.

Clarisse Berggårdh, CEO of Helsinki Partners, underscores the city’s potential: “We believe that amidst all the global challenges, solutions lie within cities. Helsinki is a rapidly expanding metropolis in the heart of the Nordics, and it’s an ideal testing ground for shaping the future. We are committed to innovation and sustainability, and we’re proud to be the catalyst for pioneering solutions with global impact.”

Despite its many strengths, Helsinki’s potential for return on investment, top-tier talent, and impact for scale-ups remains largely untapped. The Founders to Finland and Venture Nordics programs offer international entrepreneurs and investors a chance to experience this Nordic magic firsthand.

These programs feature meticulously curated activities, complimentary access to SLUSH, and exclusive side events, providing valuable interactions with key figures in the startup and investor ecosystem.

Founders to Finland, running from November 18-23, 2024, is a six-day program tailored for international founders who have recently secured Series B or C funding. Participants gain crucial connections and insights into the Nordic market while attending Slush 2024. Testimonials from past participants highlight the program’s significant impact on fostering investment in Finnish startups.

“Helsinki has a very diverse pool of talents, and the Finnish people have a very strong sense of commitment and dedication to their work. For us, it is very important that people are independent and complete their work tasks responsibly. Everyone’s in this together, and they understand the entrepreneur culture,” says Crystal Koh, Founder of Chanceupon, and Xanne Leo, COO of Chanceupon, past participants of Founders to Finland.

Venture Nordics, the premier program for international VC funds and LPs, aims to expand their investments in Europe and the Nordics. Scheduled from November 15-21, 2024, this seven-day program offers a comprehensive exploration of Helsinki’s high-performing funds and dynamic startup ecosystem. Finnish funds consistently outperform the European average, and Helsinki’s strategic location enhances market access. Following the success of its first edition, which hosted nine participants managing a total AUM of around 12 billion euros, the program returns for its second edition.

“Budgets are blossoming in terms of developing deep tech and deep science here in Helsinki. A lot of companies are making their way to the climate change space and quantum computing. The Finnish tech landscape encompasses many cutting-edge areas that you can learn from, invest in, and implement into your own business and market,” says Rahul Ranjani, Partner at Manerama Capital and alumnus of the Venture Nordics Spring 2024 program.

Slush, the world’s largest gathering for startups and venture capitalists, features 5,500 startup founders and operators, and 3,300 investors from around the world. The event challenges the boundaries of creativity and technology, offering attendees a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals through the official program and over 300 side events organized by partners and the wider startup community.

Founders and investors interested in these transformative programs are encouraged to apply and seize the opportunity to explore Helsinki’s thriving startup and venture ecosystems and experience the excitement of Slush 2024 firsthand.

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