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UTS:Business faculty rebrands as ‘innovation activists’

UTS:Business is taking the university’s 50 year old brand, positioning themselves as ‘innovation activists’ with their sponsorship of TEDxSydney.

TEDxSydney UTS BusinessAs a business faculty UTS:Business has been teaching “tomorrow’s leaders how to succeed in a world of change” for 50 years, though Dean of Business, Professor Roy Green says the faculty’s focus is about to change. The world simply is different now, and that difference demands the attention of the education sector.

“In our role as researchers and teachers, we use methodologies that have been refined down the ages, search for truths and for new ways of doing things,” says Professor Green.

“What UTS:Business is now doing is looking inward, asking ourselves whether there is a better way of doing things, one that takes account of the new world of connectivity, adaptability, responsibility, and sustainability.  Put simply, we need to think more bravely, more responsibly, and more creatively.”

While changing a 50 year tradition doesn’t come overnight, Professor Green has already actioned a number of initiatives that are challenging the norm when it comes to business education.

The first being the creation of Business21C, a brand that engages leaders from around the world to share their views on business in the 21st century. Secondly the university has embrace external innovation by sponsoring the TEDxSydney event, with UTS:Business and Business21C primary sponsors.

“Our intention is to create a space for spoken and written words.  No computers, no blogging, just people engaged in conversation, people sharing and spreading ideas.

“We’ll be positioned adjoining the main amphitheatre and have created a space that grows and transforms through the day as our minds are filled with ideas and knowledge, with challenges, and with insights from the speakers.  The space will be completely white – ideas heaven if you will – with the entire floor and furniture will be covered with white cloth that becomes a living note pad or blotting sheet.  Our students will provide markers to all delegates and encourage the attendees to transform the cloth into a living manuscript of the day’s ideas.

“UTS Business is a leader in business education, but for us that’s not enough.  We want to shake things up and be leaders in creativity … be innovation activists,” says Professor Green.

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