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Unemployment levels ‘concerning’

While it appears the economy is improving, we need to be on the looking out for rising unemployment rates, says Drake International general manager of Government, Matthew Tukaki.

According to Tukaki, Drake International has welcomed the latest ABS labour force statistics for August as an indication the Australian economy is continuing to recover, but warns unemployment levels still remain a key concern.

“While it does appear the economy is stabilizing and is largely insulated from the effects of the global financial crisis…. we need to be careful that the continued increase in part time or casual work isn’t leading to a more significant problem, which is under-employment,” he said.

The latest labour force statistics have revealed a trend towards part-time employment. Over 30,000 full time jobs were lost in August, while part-time jobs increased by 3,800.

Tukaki said employers need to be careful when the economy picks up and realise when the right time is to move employees from part-time or casual employment back to full time employment.

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