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Uh-oh: Do people think you’re a bully?

People need goals, priorities, and leadership. But understand the difference between emphasising accountability and bullying.

Bullies do not usually think of themselves as bullies. They tend to call their actions something else: “having fun,” “joking around,” “making a point,” and so on.

There has been plenty of discussion about the “epidemic” of bullying in schools and communities. But what about bullies in the workplace?

I have been in numerous meetings where a CEO’s behavior could not be described as anything other than bullying. When I take CEOs aside and ask them why they are approaching a team member in a manner I consider to be overly aggressive, their responses usually sound something like this:

  • “These people have to be held accountable.”
  • “It’s the only way to get through to that guy.”
  • “I’m tired of the excuses; people are going to have to step up, or step out.”

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