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Travel survey reveals passenger pet hates

The latest Travel Habits Survey conducted by Travel.com.au has revealed that more than half of surveyed Australian passengers are becoming frustrated with flight delays before they have even boarded a flight.

“It seems the biggest flying frustration comes before passengers have even boarded the plane,” said general manager for the Travel.com.au brand Lisa Ferrari. She added that many respondents said ‘lack of information’ about delayed flights was the key frustration under that topic.

Overall, travellers indicated that the top five reasons for frustration were:

1.    Flight delays
2.    People putting their seats back during short flights
3.    Being trapped in your seat by a sleeping passenger
4.    Overweight passengers who encroach on your own seat
5.    The poor hygiene of fellow passengers

Other negatives were dirty toilets and rude flight attendants. Airline food did not rate a mention.
The survey included responses from 1,744 Australian travellers.

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