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Three affordable ways to get celebrities to promote your brand

Hiring a celebrity spokesperson doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some low-cost ways to involve celebrities in your business.

Hiring a celebrity spokesperson is a proven way to drive sales. It’s also frightfully expensive and has the potential to backfire. Consider all of the brands that had Tiger Woods signed up as pitchman when his marital scandal hit and his golden career suddenly imploded.

A better way to go for many brands may be to get a celebrity to either use your product or even to just appear with your brand for a brief time. Here are three ways to involve celebrities in your business that are lower cost and have less downside risk if your chosen celeb has a breakdown:

Swag bags. Events that attract celebrities usually put together gift bags for attendees. The mother lode of all swag bags is coming up — the Oscar show and attendant parties. This year’s Oscar bag overflows with $75,000 in goodies, including a Kim Kardashian signature watch, beauty products, jewelry, and two different vacation trips. (The luxury swag is reportedly one reason nominees are always “just happy to be nominated.”)

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