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The secret to successful product design? Simplicity

The more elegant and straightforward your product design, the easier it will be for you to attract customers. Here are three ways to streamline the way your product looks.

The more immediately someone understands a product or message, the greater chance you have of selling him or her on it. Everyone recognizes Apple’s white ear buds without explanation. Visual perception occupies by far the largest area of the human brain — 80 percent — followed by hearing at 10 percent, making sight the most influential of the senses.

Add to this the fact that people spend as little as three seconds at the retail shelf, meaning they do not even see text, much less read or understand it. The time spent looking at a digital ad is even shorter. So why not simplify your product, packaging and messaging for more memorable communication?

Thinking of your business in terms of pictures from the outset will help you find points-of-difference that will carry through your brand. We should be on a mission to convert as many words as possible to icons and images on our products, packaging and marketing efforts.

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