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The Monty Python guide to running a business

Because a little humour never hurts: 10 Monty Python quotes every business owner should know… and use!

I was setting up to take the classic “jumping bridal party” photo (I’m a wedding photographer on the side) and said,”Okay, when I count to three, everyone jump.”

“Wait,” said a groomsman. “Do we jump on three, or is it one-two-three and then jump?”

Most of them had an opinion on the right way to do it–that’s how it goes at weddings–and they argued for a while. “Jump on three,” I finally declared. As they moved into position I said, kind of offhandedly, “Three shall be the number thou shall count…” and almost all of them laughed. (This is why; skip to the 1:30 mark.) Recognisable quotes are like verbal shorthand, getting across in one or two sentences what normally takes much longer to explain.

Plus, dropping in an appropriate reference can instantly create common ground with others, like when you mention the ratio of people to cake is too big at an over-attended, under-catered event.

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