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Telstra Mobile business cap plans get an overhaul

Telstra on the back of announcing prepaid iPad data plans and revisions to their NextG Consumer Mobile Cap and Ultimate plans have also overhauled their business mobile cap plans.

HTC Desire TelstraTelstra today launched new business mobile cap plans, with the new plans replacing the existing business plans at $49, $79, $99, $129, plus a new $159 cap option. In much the same way that Telstra’s updated their consumer NextG mobile caps with bundles data, Telstra has included monthly data allowances of up to 1.5GB in the business cap prices, with additional data packs available as add-ons for heavy users.

Telstra Executive Director Brian Harcourt said the new plans were aimed at delivering simpler options and better value to smaller operators who require about 1-4 handsets to support their business.

“We’ve tailored these new plans changes to reflect both the changing needs of these Australian small businesses as well as the surge in Smartphone take up and increased need for data,” Mr Harcourt said.

“These all in one voice and data plans will give customers better cost control and more flexibility, with the broad range of options catering for users of all kinds, from the occasional caller to the mobile warrior who is rarely off their handset.

“If customers want more data they can simply move to a higher business cap plan or take-up a separate data pack to increase their allowance such as our $19 plan which provides an additional 1GB of data.“

“For small to medium businesses who need more handsets, want to take advantage of fleet-style pricing and tailor a plan to suit their needs, we launched the Telstra Mobile PLUS plans last year and more recently added a $180 unlimited plan for the heavy-user looking for price certainty.”

More information on the new plans can be found at www.telstra.com/business/mobilecaps

Telstra Business Cap Plans

Telstra's Business Mobile Data Pack Options
Telstra's Business Mobile Data Pack Options

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