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Telstra adds ‘value’ to consumer mobile data packs

Telstra have today announced a revision to their consumer mobile post-paid data packs, lowering prices across the board and introducing more options on the back of the success of the HTC Desire mobile phone.

HTC Desire Browsing PackTelstra claim they have increased the ‘value’ in their Browsing Pack’s by significantly increasing the included data in each pack, as well as decreasing the excess usage rate for most packs. In addition some of the packs have fallen in price, as well as accommodating users at the 3 and 6GB usage points with new plans.

For example, the $5 Post-Paid Browsing Pack now has 30MB of data – six times the previous amount. The 9 GB plan price has been reduced to $99 a month from $119 and the excess usage rate per MB for the $5 plan has reduced by 75 cents and by 20 cents on the 9GB plan.

The 1 GB plan is now $39 a month – a saving of $20 a month on the existing plan structures, though this is still considerably more than the equivalent data packs on other networks, that typically cost about $20 for 1GB of included data. In addition Telstra already charge $19 for 1GB for business customers, it is unclear why consumer data bundles are over double the price for the same service.

Telstra’s new consumer browsing pack structure:

Browse Packs (AUD $) New Data Inclusion Excess usage rate per MB
5 30 MB $0.25
10 200 MB $0.25
20 500 MB $0.25
39 1 GB $0.25
49 3 GB $0.15
79 6 GB $0.10
99 9 GB $0.05

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