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Telling bosses the truth good for health: study

A British study has found that telling the boss what you think of them is good for your health and can help to reduce stress and improve communication in the workplace.

The study, published on Wednesday and presented at a conference of the British Psychological Society, revealed that being open and honest with bosses and managers in the workforce can help to boost staff morale and reduce stress, whilst helping managers to improve.

Researchers split a group of 150 managers into two groups, one of which received training and feedback from some 500 staff on their management skills while the other bosses did not.

“When managers received feedback from their staff, they were more likely to change their management style and subsequently be seen as more effective line managers,” the study revealed.

Employees also benefit as it allows them to let off steam, said expert Emma Donaldson-Feilder, presenting the research at the conference.