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Surfs up in Sydney with the SURFit iPhone app

Launching today, the SURFit iPhone app allows users to remotely control and interact with cameras set up along Sydney’s most popular beaches. Giving beach goers the opportunity to check their favourite break or beach spot on 3G and WiFi. The smart Apple interface allows users to easily tap, swipe or pinch the screen to make the camera remotely pan, tilt or zoom to the area they want to check, providing a detailed view of the breaking wave.

“You’re in control and it’s fun!” said Julian Warne, SURFit founder. “The cams give you the best coverage of over 100 surf breaks and you can zoom in and find the spot that’s best for you.  Whether you’re on the bus, stuck in traffic, anywhere at any time, you can use SURFit to check where the surf’s best. The SURFit iPhone app is packed with smart features like instant-on with no downloading; multiple users can share the cams; you can zoom straight to your favourite spots; or plan your whole surfing week with our exclusive 8 Day Surf Forecast. SURFit puts the whole ocean and beach lifestyle in the palm of your hand.”

The SURFit application, which has been purpose built and customised for the iPhone, is the first app in the world to stream live video optimised for both 3G and WiFi. It is also the first app to offer users dual subscription and recharge options: for lite users it’s just $2.49 for a monthly subscription that includes unlimited views and 20 control credits; or for those hardcore surfers, control credits can be recharged at the same price.

For more information about SURFit, please visit www.SURFit.com/iphone.

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