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Stop talking about entrepreneurship

Now that everyone is a so-called entrepreneur, the word has become meaningless.

We are in the golden age of entrepreneurship. In fact, it has become so mainstream that it’s bordering on cliché. The majority of generation Y says they want to start a company, according to USA Today. Entrepreneurship is the most popular focus in MBA programs. And half the resumes I see have some sort of self-started company listed at one point or another.

But we need to stop talking about being an entrepreneur. I find that people either use the label entrepreneur to tell everyone how great they are, as if entrepreneurship is the equivalent of Hollywood stardom. Or, people use the label to convey personal disdain, as in, “I want to be an entrepreneur but I’m ….”

In fact, most people are entrepreneurs, whether they embrace the label or not. They have to control their own career and make their own jobs. And most people who do call themselves entrepreneurs are worried that they don’t have an idea, worried that their idea isn’t working, or worried that they are starving and will need to take a staff position at some huge company. So the difference between who is and who isn’t an entrepreneur is vague. We toss around the word entrepreneur so much that the word is quickly becoming meaningless. Here’s why:

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