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Software piracy costing businesses thousands

New figures released today by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) into the trend of illegal software downloads by businesses have revealed that crime does not pay.

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) today released the figure of its total settlements with 12 companies that have been caught using illegal or unlicensed software in Australia in 2009. The total amount comes to $331,678 in settlements, an increase from $239,405 in 2008.

The BSA also reports it received a record number of 95 leads about businesses using unlicensed or pirated software in 2009 – a significant rise from the 44 leads reported in 2008.

Clayton Noble, co-chair BSA Australia Committee said the report should serve as a warning to businesses that crime does not pay.

“The role of the BSA is not only to take legal action against businesses that use BSA member software without obtaining the required licences. We also seek to educate corporate Australia about the value of using only genuine software that has been properly licensed, and about the risks of software piracy.”

Jessica Stanic

Jessica Stanic

Jessica has a background in both marketing and journalism and is dedicated to making the website the leading online resource for small to medium businesses with ambitions to grow.

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