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SMEs poised for growth in 2010

The economic woes of 2009 are a thing of the past and 2010 is a time for Australian small and medium businesses to capitalise on the opportunities presented by a strengthening economy, according to Westpac’s general manager of SME segment, Sian Lewis.

“The New Year is a great time to take stock and prepare your business to gear up for a new operating environment,” Lewis said.

Lewis provides the following New Year’s resolutions to help SMEs to kick-start their business for the year ahead:

  1. Plan for success
  2. Assemble your people power
  3. Check in with staff morale
  4. Fill up the business pipeline
  5. Spend smarter
  6. Explore expansion opportunities
  7. Secure the right type of financing
  8. Seek professional advice
  9. Celebrate your business success
  10. Spend smarter
  11. Concentrate on cash flow
  12. Explore expansion opportunities
  13. Secure the right type of financing
  14. Seek professional advice
  15. Celebrate your business success