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Smart ways to send business gifts this season

Today’s gamut of beliefs and sensitivities can turn holiday business gifts into an etiquette minefield. Here’s how to give grateful good cheer without crossing any lines.

Seasonal treats that say “thank you” to valued clients, associates and employees are always a smart idea, so long as you don’t overstep the bounds of good taste or accepted business manners.

The key, according to corporate etiquette experts, is to give gifts that are heartfelt, thoughtful and clearly chosen to please your recipient. Impersonal, logo-studded executive toys won’t do. Likewise, wine or spirits aren’t always appreciated, so be careful about choosing such gifts if you’re not sure they’ll be welcome.

You should also check on your recipient’s corporate policy. Many companies now forbid employees to receive holiday gifts. A quick call to the human resources department can avoid the embarrassment of having your gift returned.

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