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Skype Manager helps manage Skype for your employees

Skype has launched Skype Manager which replaces Skype’s Business Control Panel and permits real time analysis and reporting along with centralised payments and deployment.

Skype ManagerSkype Manager incorporates a centralised payment system, real-time analysis and reporting tools. It also lets company’s manage Skype user accounts across the organisation, and assign Skype features or make payments.

“We looked at how Skype is being used in the workplace and specifically designed Skype Manager to make it easier for businesses to centrally manage how Skype is used, managed and paid for by an organisation,” said Dan Neary, Asia Pacific VP and General Manager of Skype. “We want to empower businesses to exploit the full power and value of Skype so they receive all the benefits of enhanced collaboration and cost savings.”

Key features of Skype Manager:

  • All Skype usage within a company is centralised. The company’s Skype administrator can set up and add employee accounts as needed.
  • Skype Credit is purchased and allocated by the administrator, who also controls and assigns features such as online numbers, subscriptions, voice mail and other options.
  • Renewal of Skype Credit and subscriptions can be automated.
  • The flexible reporting dashboard enables real-time analysis of Skype usage across the organisation, as well as monthly spending reports, at company, department or individual employee level.

The key advantage of Skype Manager for Dynamic Business readers will likely be the centralised payment system, rather than requiring individual accounts to top themselves up as they run out, all payments and top up’s are managed centrally, meaning a seamless experience for employees and less administrative burden when processing expenses at the end of each months

Skype Manager is being offered as a free trial until the end of October 2010.

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