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A new platform has been launched which provides an alternative to developing an app, and selling it via the App Store or Google Play.

Created by Australian entrepreneur Adam Friedman, Shareable Apps is a hybrid of traditional apps and social media.

The setup is very straightforward, and the process is much like creating up a Facebook page. Users access an online portal to build their app, and are then able to share it across all mobile operating systems.

Friedman believes his latest venture represents a ‘democratisation of apps’, as it is something anybody can do.

“The idea is you can go in, make an app, send it out to any device without having to go through any of the app stores – it goes live instantly, and essentially eliminates the middlemen,” Friedman told Dynamic Business.

“There’s also this concept of the zombie app – where it’s too hard to update them, but it’s expensive to make, and it’s just not dynamic enough, so they end up just gathering dust. With [our platform] not only can you share it, but you can dynamically update it,” he added.

It’s not free though – like a mobile phone plan, users sign up and the fees start at $99 a month.

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Stephanie Zillman

Stephanie Zillman

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