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Screw up? Here’s how to bounce back

We all make mistakes. It’s how we handle them that makes the difference between a simple “Oops,” and an epic fail.

It happens. We’re all human.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s the way they’re handled that can mean success or failure to a business. Our team is no different. We work extra hard to fix problems quickly and earn back the trust of our employees or customers.

Not everyone is so conscientious. Take, for example, our soon-to-be-former payroll provider. Errors that could have been remedied quickly have now rolled into one huge epic fail.

Despite repeated requests for our year-end W-2s, they arrived 1) more than a week late, 2) ugly as hell, and 3) incorrect. Any of these would be horrible. But this was special. Our payroll report arrived accompanied by reports from other companies, complete with the social security numbers of their employees. The payroll provider missed both calls they had scheduled to discuss these errors with us, our names were frequently misspelled, and the payroll company placed blame on our employees for screw-ups in their process. Let’s say we’ve got a bit of an issue on our hands.

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