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Richard Branson, headshot

Richard Branson on office ties and the company dress code

The British billionaire calls for banishing the tie as the corporate uniform.

While out walking in London recently, I passed a group of uniformed schoolchildren moving in an orderly, single-file line, with teachers in front and rear. Nothing unusual, except for one thing that made me laugh out loud: their identical school ties. Or more accurately, what was left of them. More than half the kids had cut their ties so that only three or four inches remained below the knot.

Intrigued, I asked the teacher who was bringing up the rear, “So what happened to the ties?”

He chuckled and said, “Well, the kids hate wearing them, but school rules say they have to. What the rules fail to specify, however, is how long they have to be — so, snip-snip!” Why didn’t I come up with such a naughtily innovative solution when I went to school?

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