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Retirees concerned about lack of super

New research conducted by Suncorp has found that Australians are concerned about their super and worried they will not have enough money to retire.

The report found that 60 percent of respondents are worried about inadequate levels of super, while 20 percent are concerned about losing their job or home as a result of the financial crisis.

This is in direct contrast to recent research conducted by SuperRatings which found that Australian employees are ‘not fussed’ when it comes to contributing to their superannuation funds, with most workers “going with the flow and not making an active choices,” according to SuperRatings managing director Jeff Bresnahan.

However Suncorp’s head of superannuation and investment Vicki Doyle believes people are starting to worry now after seeing a rapid deterioration of the value of their assets over the past two years.

“Now is the time when everyone’s sort of waking up and saying ‘hang on, how am I going to provide for my retirement, how am I going to provide for our future?’”

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