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President Barack Obama interview on ABC tonight

After delaying his Australian visit until June, many were disappointed, however the US President Barack Obama will be interviewed on ABC’s The 7:30 report tonight.

ObamaLast month, The White House announced the Presidential visit to Australia had been re-scheduled for June and said Barack Obama “deeply regrets” any delay. However, as a token of goodwill, after passing the Health Care reform bill that delayed his trip, barrack Obama has granted the ABC an interview.

When in Australia in June, it is envisaged Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will discuss defence, security and intelligence matters as well as the global economic recovery with President Obama

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd initially invited Mr Obama to Australia last November when he was in Washington.

“We have a whole truckload of areas of military cooperation and to work out where we go in the future together but secondly, the economy,” he said.

ABC’s Kerry O’Brien will be interviewing President Barack Obama directly from Washington.

7.30 Report exclusive Australian interview with President Barack Obama on ABC1 this Thursday and streamed live at abc.net.au/news.

The interview can be watched on ABC iView the following day.

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