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Powerhouse Museum: Concept to Reality – The Design Journey

Business are invited to participate in a free seminar and consultation sessions run by the NSW innovation Advisory Service at the Powerhouse Museum next Tuesday and Wednesday.

InnovationInnovation through design is one of many competitive weapons used in business today. Bringing these design ideas to market however, needs a solid, systemised approach in order to ensure that they are fully realised on a commercial level.

Presented by the NSW Innovation Advisory Service (IAS), the seminar Concept to Reality – The Design Journey outlines how to turn ideas and inventions into viable, marketable products. This seminar will provide a step-by-step guide on how to avoid the pitfalls of developing an idea and will cover the critical elements needed to turn a sketch on paper into a commercially viable product. Using local case studies we will observe practical pathways to commercial success that will help inventors and designers turn that product into reality.

Concept to Reality – The Design Journey will be presented by Andrew Dowe, Senior Client Manager with the NSW Innovation Advisory Service, with the case studies presented by Tim Phillips from Sydney Design Firm Kennovations, who will cover topics such as how to design for a market, manufacturing (including sourcing manufacturers overseas), rapid prototyping, and assessing the viability of a design. They will be joined by Chris Carter of Davies Collison Cave, Australia’s leading Intellectual Property (IP) firm to discuss the relevant intellectual property matters such as brand management, trade marks and patents that will help you understand how you can protect your ideas and designs.

A free consultation service will be available with the NSW Innovation Advisory Service, Davies Collison Cave and Kennovations the following day on Wednesday 11th August.

To book appointments call 1300 411 417 or info@ausinvent.com.

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