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Optus OfficeApps Mobile Security safeguarding against theft

Mobile data theft and viruses can now be easily combated, thanks to the recent launch of Optus OfficeApps Mobile Security which allows business owners and staff to safeguard important personal and business data as well as lock, wipe and reset the password of any device in their business.

According to Optus SMB Managing Director Rohan Ganeson, a virus on a mobile device or even a misplaced phone can severely disrupt day-today operations and threaten business.

“OfficeApps Mobile Security reassures SMBs with the knowledge that they have full control over who uses their mobile devices and more importantly, that their data is safe.”

According to research conducted by Jones Donald Strategy Partners, 50 percent of Australian SMBs currently use smartphones and 9 percent use tablets.

Furthermore, with over 500 different malware variants currently existing, protection of business data has become vital. Ganeson believes that security is paramount to current to the SMBs day-to-day proceedings, and “Optus has developed OfficeApps Mobile Security to directly mitigate these concerns.”

Optus OfficeApps Mobile Security features:

·            Remote Lock: Allowing users to lock their stolen or lost device with a single SMS from any secondary mobile phone

·            Remote Locate: Provides GPS map location of tour lost or stolen device with an SMS from any secondary device

·            Remote Wipe: Enables users to erase all data on the device

·            SIM Card Alert: Your device is automatically locked when the SIM Card is changed. The feature instantly sends the new mobile number to your nominated mobile number

Anti-Virus protection features:

·            Spyware and Malware Protection: Protecting a mobile device against spyware and espionage software

·            Virus Protection: Combined with real-time antivirus protection, Mobile Security makes the device safe against mobile devices and malware

·            Browser Protection: Identifies which websites are safe and which should be avoided

OfficeApps Mobile Security is available to SMBs on a 12-month contract at $5 per mobile device, and is compatible with devices running on selected Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems.