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One young entrepreneur’s million-dollar idea in mobile gaming

A Princeton dropout makes waves with mobile gaming and payment services.

In the fall of 2007, Seth Priebatsch was a freshman at Princeton. A year later, he dropped out. By 2011, he was head of a company valued at nine figures.

The 23-year-old is the self-proclaimed “chief ninja” of Scvngr, a real-world, location-based gaming system, and its new mobile payment service, LevelUp. Priebatsch’s record of entrepreneurship stems back to high school, when he ran a print manufacturing startup called Postcard Tech. He cut his teeth turning out college applications while managing factory operations in Hong Kong and a distribution center in Boston.

At Princeton, Priebatsch turned his attention to another field: gaming. “I really started getting fascinated with how much I and everyone else in the engineering department enjoyed games,” he says, “but I also enjoyed actually going outside.”

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