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Nine business cliches to retire forever

They’ve been used, misused, and abused. It’s time to eliminate these buzz phrases from your speech entirely. 

We all over-use certain words and phrases. (Me included: I’m guilty of slipping “well” into sentences way too often.) That’s natural, but if you’re hoping to communicate effectively – or be taken seriously – that’s also a real problem.


Once upon a time a network engineer was in a meeting. Responding to a question he said, “I don’t think we have sufficient bandwidth to transfer that much data.”

A manufacturing manager walked out of the meeting and thought, “Huh. Bandwidth. That’s a pretty cool word.” A day later the manager was in another meeting and, flexing a little I’m-in-the-know-and-you-aren’t muscle, said, “Are we sure we have sufficient bandwidth to pull this project together on time?” Everyone was jealous.

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