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New Optus software improving data back-up process

The new Optus OfficeApps Backup Suite is improving small business owners peace of mind about after hours data protection, after a recent survey revealed one fifth of companies aren’t regularly backing up critical company data.

The Optus report also found over half of SMBs are unknowingly leaving their data susceptible to the threat of loss or theft by leaving their back-up onsite.

The OfficeApps Backup Suite is accessed through the Optus OfficeApps web portal, allowing SMBs to manage their data on employee devices through a centralised system where the data is stored in an Australian based secured centre.

According to Optus director of marketing Michael Smith, the new back-up suit aims to take the stress out of securing important business information, should hardware failure or the loss of a device occur.

“If there is a disaster at the workplace, critical business data held locally on PCs, laptops could be lost to the business forever. Even if a laptop or mobile phone is lost or stolen, any data that isn’t backed up and stored in a safe and secure place can put the business at risk,” he said.

Optus Users can easily back-up up to five devices, PCs, Mac, Mobile or Tablets enabling further mobility and usability when it comes to recovering back-up files.

Some other key features of the Optus Suite include:

  • Ease of set up and use: As back-up software is installed in a matter of minutes for each piece of (compatible) hardware.
  • Set and forget: All business data for compatible PC, Mac, Tablets and Mobile is automatically backed up and encrypted on transfer.
  • Centralised administration, reporting tools and access is conducted via the OfficeApps Portal.
  • Ongoing back-up status: Administrators and users can generate reports and view backup status and usage across the fleet of business devices.
  • Support: Administrator set-up and ongoing technical support. The portal also offers a support chat tool for increased convenience.

A range of pricing plans have been developed in accordance to business size, with plans now available for businesses of five, 10, 20 and 50 users as well as for medium businesses with up to 200 employees. For more information, click here.