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Momento goes carbon neutral

Australian photobook printing company Momento has announced plans to become a certified carbon neutral business.carbon neutral

Momento has recently been audited and certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute to ensure its commitment to the environment in all aspects of the business. Certified carbon neutral businesses, like Momento, purchase carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions from every aspect of the business.

Momento has embedded sustainability into its business culture and becoming a carbon neutral business is simply the next step, according to Managing Director of Momento Geoff Hunt.

“While we were surprised to learn how easy and inexpensive Carbon Neutral certification is, the greatest reward has been witnessing how quickly our efforts have inspired staff, suppliers and customers to do the same. We are a business that cares about our customers and the environment, which is why we have taken this challenge,” said Mr Hunt.

“The whole team have worked hard to reduce our carbon footprint (and) we are 100 percent committed to ensuring that all aspects of the business are environmentally sustainable. As part of the program, we had to measure transportation to and from work amongst staff and this actually inspired one staff member to use public transport instead of driving to work,” Mr Hunt added.

Momento should be commended for its dedication to the environment, says Managing Director of the Carbon Reduction Institute Rob Cawthorne.

“The goal of the NoC02 Certification Program is to offer an easy and effective means for organisations to measure, reduce and offset their climate change impacts,” said Mr Cawthorne.

“We highly commend Momento for taking these steps. It shows that this is a business that doesn’t only care about the bottom line, it is also considerate about its impact on the environment,” Mr Cawthorne added.

In addition to Carbon Neutral certification, Momento has internal environmentally-friendly policies, including the use of eco-friendly production and office supplies, minimising plastic used in packaging, re-using paper off-cuts, and providing recycling materials to the local primary school.

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