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Microskin wins Allure Best of Beauty award for simulated skin product

Australian company Microskin has been awarded a prestigious Best of Beauty award by Allure magazine for their simulated skin product.

Microskin Linda LowndesMicroskin are the developers of a simulated skin which can be used to alleviate the aesthetic disabilities associated with burns, scarring and a number of disfiguring skin conditions.

The product was developed by Linda Lowndes, who spent eight years perfecting the product that can be individually colour-corrected to different patients’ skin.

Allure is a highly popular style magazine that is published monthly and has a readership of over one million people. Their “Best of Beauty” awards are held every year, with the magazine’s editors deciding on the best skin-care, makeup and hair-care products on the market.

Ms Lowndes says the recognition is a major step for her company and the way people view Microskin.

“It’s a big honour to be included in these awards, and to have our name put alongside some of the biggest names in the industry,” Ms Lowndes says.

“We’ve often been seen as more medical than beauty oriented, and whilst it’s been a mantle we’ve been happy to have, I think this is a fantastic opportunity for us to venture further into the mainstream and alter people’s perceptions of what we do.”

Microskin was designed for people with major scarring or conditions like Eczema, Rosacea or Vitiligo, and allows them to effectively conceal the markings on their skin.

Once applied, Microskin can stay on the body for up to several days, with users able to play sports, bathe and even swim without the product coming off.

The magazine chose Microskin for an award based on the product’s ability to make significant improvements to the quality of users’ lives, particularly due to its superior concealing capabilities and its longevity once applied.

This is the latest in a line of positive milestones for the company, with a Microskin clinic opening in New York at the beginning of this year, and Ms Lowndes being honoured by Rotary in March for her assistance with their charity work.

“2010 has been an exciting time for us, and in early 2011 the momentum looks to keep carrying on with a new clinic to open in the Royal London Hospital,” Ms Lowndes says.

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