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Mastering the wine list at a business dinner

A look at the five keys to building social currency when you’re trying to land an important deal.

You know the scene: a business dinner, with those oh-how-badly-we-want-them prospective clients. Though you’re not (yet) top dog in their eyes, you have been smart enough to mention wine once or twice when chatting with your top prospect.

Restaurant wine lists, which often offer little actionable information and are arranged according to the whims of a newly-acquired sommelier or wine distributor, seldom do much to help the customer.

Yet this negative can be easily converted to a plus, enhancing your reputation as a sophisticated and knowledgeable diner, even with wine expertise two steps above none whatsoever.

So when Mr. Big hands you the wine list and says “Why don’t you pick, Martinez?” your compadres don’t know whether to smirk — they sure don’t want the list, a.k.a. hot potato — or be impressed that you’ve been given the nod.

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