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Marketing lessons from the little guy

Big businesses need to lighten up, get creative and take a few cues from small business owners.

It’s usually assumed that when it comes to marketing, small businesses can always learn from their larger counterparts, right? Chances are, the big guys have survived their fair share of marketing campaigns, whether good, bad or downright ugly. Factor in an ample marketing budget and a well-paid marketing team and they’re probably light years ahead of smaller businesses. But is that really the case? I beg to differ.

Corporations tend to keep a closer eye on their bottom line, which means they’re far less likely to take risks or test out new ideas. Conversely, the folks in charge could also decide to gobble up every last penny in the budget knowing if they don’t use it now, it might not be there next year. But what if those dollars came out of their own checking accounts? They’d certainly think twice before spending it now, wouldn’t they?

Most small business owners experience pangs of guilt after opening up their pocketbooks. I know I did when I first launched my e-mail marketing company, VerticalResponse. It seemed like every dollar spent on advertising was one less dollar going toward buying new supplies or technology, hiring employees or even clearing their paychecks. It’s a pretty tough pill to swallow. Because every dollar is so important, small businesses want to see results for everything they spend, and they want to see them quick.

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