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Source: Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

LinkedIn data reveals the 15 fastest-growing jobs in Australia

LinkedIn’s 2022 Jobs on the Rise report is out, revealing the job titles that have grown in prominence in Australia in the last five years. Engineers dominate the list, followed by human resource roles.

The global professional network’s rankings are determined by analysing the job titles with the highest growth rates from January 2017 to July 2021.  

At the top of the list is chief human resources officer, followed by machine learning engineer and site reliability engineer.

“Industries have been upended, while at the same time, many workers have left their jobs in search of something new,” reads the report. “These shifts have ignited what we’ve deemed the #GreatReshuffle, leaving professionals wondering where the workplace is headed and what role they want to play in it.”

The 15 fastest-growing jobs in the country are:

1 Chief Human Resources Officer

This role’s responsibilities include leading the company’s team of HR managers, setting and delivering an HR strategy. The most common industries listed are information technology, hospitality and health care, and financial services. Despite the increased acceptance of remote work, the report found only 2.4 per cent of these positions allowed working from home.

2 Machine Learning Engineer

These engineers develop artificial intelligence algorithms and systems for products and applications. The roles are typically found in the information technology, computer software, and retail industry. Salaries can range between $50,000 and $229,000.

3 Site Reliability Engineer

These engineers work closely with software development and IT operations to create automated software tools to maximise a system’s efficiency. The salary can range between $85,000 to $176,000. Around 30.6 per cent of the roles were open to remote working.

4 Power Systems Engineer

This role involves designing systems to provide power for commercial and residential use. It’s typically seen in the utilities, oil and energy, and civil engineering industries. Salaries range between $75,000 to $150,000. According to the report, the gender distribution in this role veers heavily towards men, with only 10.5 per cent of these roles held by women.

5 Data Engineer

The responsibilities of these engineers involve building and maintaining data storage systems used in organisations. The roles can be found in the IT, financial services, and banking industries, with salaries ranging between $80,000 to $147,000.

6 Talent Acquisition Specialists

These specialists, sometimes titled recruiting specialists or talent attraction specialists, are responsible for attracting, sourcing, hiring, and onboarding new talent within an organisation. Women hold over 70 per cent of these roles. According to the report, 6.2 per cent of these roles were open to remote work.

7 Business Development Representatives

This role involves identifying and contacting prospective clients for an organisation, commonly seen in business development and lead generation. Salaries can range between $50,200 to $84,500. The top roles that these representatives transitioned from include account management and sales.

8 Content designer

Also titled UX writers/ designers, this role involves developing text, images, video, and other content to shape a user’s experience on a digital product. The gender distribution stands at 66.6 per cent female. Just over 5 per cent of these roles were available to work remotely.

9 Cyber Security Specialists

These IT professionals are responsible for protecting an organisation’s data and intellectual property. It’s commonly seen in financial services, computer and network security, and IT. As with content designers, the remote job available is low in this role at just 3.1 per cent.

10 Client Partner

Client partners are entrusted with building and maintaining relationships between an organisation and its strategic and financial partners. The most common industries for his role are recruiting, marketing and advertising, and IT. While the salary range was not available in the report, the gender distribution is generally split evenly at 43.3 per cent female, 56.6 per cent male.

11 Back End Developer

This tech role involves building and coding the server-side tech that powers front-end web and mobile apps. These developers transitioned from top roles: web developer, full stack engineer, and software engineer.

12 Operations Support Officer

This role provides administrative support to teams within an organisation for increased efficiency. The most common industries include sports, non-profit organisation management, and government administration. The typical salary range is $49,000 to $84,500.

13 Workforce Specialist

This HR role develops strategies for an organisation’s recruitment practices, onboarding, and management of staff needs. The gender distribution stands at over 60 per cent female. Just over 1 per cent of these positions allowed remote work.

14 Head of Engineering

This tech-based role involves overseeing the engineers who design and develop an organisation’s digital products. The salary range begins at $137,000. Men hold over 92 per cent of these roles. This role has the second-highest remote job availability at 22.9 per cent.

15 User Experience Researcher

This role involves analysing users’ behaviors to inform product development and business strategy. The most common industries include non-profit organisation management, administration, and retail. The top roles that these researchers transitioned from include design strategist and user experience designer.

Read the full LinkedIn report here.

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