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Steve Jobs Apple CEO launches the iPad 2

Steve Jobs Apple CEO launches the iPad 2. Photo credit: gadgetynews.com

Jobs or Zuckerberg: Who’d make the better boss?

With the Apple founder’s death and the Facebook IPO, there’s been a changing of the guard in Silicon Valley. Here’s how the two leaders’ styles compare.

It often takes a special type of person – and personality – to lead a start-up to soaring success. Take Apple co-founder Steve Jobsand Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as prime examples. Each started a tech company that not only left their marks on Silicon Valley, but have created products that have changed the lives of millions of people.

But what can be said about Jobs and Zuckerberg as people, and leaders? While Zuckerberg considered Jobs a mentor, and Jobs, before his death last fall, expressed his admiration of Zuckerberg, both have independently exhibited tendencies to hold grudges — just one of several personal and managerial traits the two leaders shared. They also are different in many ways, some of which may demonstrate a generational shift in the way bosses will lead in the 21st century. Here we examine some of the similarities and differences between Jobs’ and Zuckerberg’s leadership styles:


Desire for more than just money: Jobs famously made a salary of $1 per year, and Zuckerberg has promised to donate a majority of his fortune to charity.

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