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Job ads surge as market recovers

Job ads surged six percent in December, compared to the previous month, recording the strongest monthly trend rate of growth in 31 months, according to latest ANZ data.

ANZ job figures released on Monday revealed that the number of jobs advertised is now 19.1 percent higher than the trough recorded in July 2009, a sign that the Australian economy is improving.

Matthew Tukaki, the head of Drake Australia has welcomed the news, claiming it is further evidence that employers are trending towards permanent and full time workers versus casual and temporary workers.

“The fact we are seeing record growth in job advertisements both online and in traditional media indicates that the reduction in unemployment over the past two months is gathering pace and, indeed, the signals are good for the ABS Labour Force statistics to be released this Thursday.” he said.

Tukaki added that the growth in job ads points towards a resurgence in business confidence, along with a growing economy.

“What we are seeing in December is a resurgent economy without the reliance on economic stimulus, which is an even greater signal that business confidence is growing and therefore investment is being made in workers both current and new,” he said.

Jessica Stanic

Jessica Stanic

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