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‘J Curve’ and other buzzwords investors don’t want to hear

Don’t hide behind jargon. Seasoned investors know B.S. when they hear it.

Some management consultant buddies of mine have a game they play at the bar: Whoever uses the phrase “core competency” at any point gets stuck with the tab.

Apparently, that phrase is pretty played out when it comes to advising Fortune 500 companies. My friends claim it is used when a consultant really doesn’t have anything else to say. Their game got me thinking about the things I hear regularly that are red flags in entrepreneurial and venture-capital speak. The phrases below, with their associated translations, are usually signs that an entrepreneur is using buzzwords in an effort to hide potentially shallow claims.

If I can read between the lines, so can your prospective funder. When explaining your business to an investor, it is better to be upfront about the challenges you are facing than to try to hide them behind jargon.

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